Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dance (physical activity 2)

    It also seems goofy to me that we live in a society where, in order to dance, many people feel they either must be skilled or drunk. Perhaps I'm making an incorrect assumption about how my own experience applies to others, but then, it seems to me that dancing is pretty primal and universal. I guess this is true of a lot of things.

    We have specialized, and in some ways maybe that's good. It certainly makes sense for healthcare. But I feel like we've also given up a good deal. Most people leave sewing and clothing design up to manufacturing, and for many people style is decided by media. Music has been largely been given up to those who make it their life. But dance, expression and enjoying the movement of one's body and raising energy... I don't know, to me this is what stands out the most as something that we've given up. Something that's been given to a select few that shouldn't have been.

    I have to wonder if all those people who "don't dance" are really just influenced by a society where dancing without being good at it seems to be looked down on. Or am I the only one who feels like that's the case? Especially when a number of people seem to enjoy dancing but need to be intoxicated to do so. I don't think alcohol in itself is dance-encouraging, it lowers inhibition but it's a depressant.

    I don't really have a specific point today, I'm just musing. If I have a point, it's that maybe we should be striving to take some of these things back. Just because we have a professionally-artistic class (or whatever you wanna call it) that might better serve the observer, that doesn't mean we shouldn't indulge in creating art.

    And I guess that's why I'm here. If people gain something from this, or any of my art for that matter... yay! Bonus! But... honestly, that's not the whole point. Even if it's garbage to everyone else, it still serves a purpose.

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