Friday, January 17, 2014

"Enchant," and I need music suggestions!

    Occasionally my affinity for certain music really underlines how I have changed. Or at least how my mood has changed, or a certain relationship. Suddenly a song will seem to fit really well, or it will completely cease to.
     A couple days ago I realized that I had pretty much no desire to listen to most songs by Emilie Autumn, who, if you don't know me, has been my favorite artist for the past few years. A lot of her music is rather negative though, which just doesn't work for me right now. Which is kind of sad, but I suppose it says good things about my mental state. Hopefully in time I'll go back to being able to enjoy more of her music without dropping back down. There are certain songs from "Enchant" though, which are less dark and more fairy-ish, that I am enjoying more than I had been.
    Which I'm sure either doesn't make sense or means nothing to most people reading, if anyone is. I'm a little tired of writing for no one, but I'll admit, there's a certain freedom to it. XD I'd be happy to trade, but hey, silver linings.

     A lot of my music collection is like this. I've been drawn largely to more negative music for much of my time collecting it, and now I only have a few songs I actually feel like listening to. I still like dark music, but less negative, if that makes sense. Dark in sound rather than perspective? So I need suggestions, or music if anyone feels like it. I've been listening to VNV Nation quite a bit, because a number of their songs seem realistically optimistic. But. Yeah, I don't know. If anyone is reading this and feels like giving me song suggestions, let me know! I'm open.

      "If you sing loud and clear, someone passing by will surely hear you. No you can't be afraid, if you ever want somebody near you." - "Rapunzel" by Emilie Autumn


  1. Considering your blog name, I really suggest that you check out the folk band "Faun". Lovely music, full of good energy! Especially this song ;)

    1. Yes, thank you! =D Totally outside of what I've been listening to, but I love it.