Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On physical activity...

    I weight lift, and nine times out of ten I leave feeling pumped up and awesome and - if it was in the morning - ready to take on the day. It's better than coffee.
    I go on a hike, and feel refreshed and happy.
    Go to yoga, I leave feeling all peaceful and content.
    Most forms of physical activity  leave me feeling positive, although each carries it's own flavor so to speak... so it seems rather goofy that I have to push myself to do them.

    Am I the only one who gets this feeling? It's like not eating your vegetables after figuring out that there are ways to prepare them that are quite tasty (oh wait, I do that too -_-). It's rather silly, is my point. I can somewhat understand, but it still feels rather odd.

    I sometimes wonder if we'd be better served by focusing on the joy aspect rather than "results." At least, that's one answer I've come up with... the joy of movement gets buried under guilt and self-consciousness and health concerns and such. Our mind frames it as work instead of fun, which sets us up to want to avoid/procrastinate/etc. Or maybe that's just me.

    So I guess that's one hypothesis I'm going to try to test (although, I guess trying to apply scientific terms to this is a little goofy in itself): Focusing on the joy of exercising will have a better impact on my actually doing it than trying to force myself to do things to make me healthy.

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